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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Food Tracking

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Tracking keeps me mindful. It's amazing that what I 'thought' were appropriate amounts of food actually weren't! It also lets me review which meals/foods provided me with more or less energy. I gained 12 lbs over 6months because I stopped tracking, stopped being mindful. Back to tracking for me... Report
I think tracking is THE key to success. The SparkPeople trackers allow you to simply track calories, protein, fat, carbs and a host of nutrients with minimum effort and you can compare food types to weight loss or perish the thought weight gain. Report
I find tracking is a key tool for me! Thanks for the article. Report
I like to track.
I like tracking also... it keeps me accountable and informed of what I choose to put in my body. I look at the days of healthy eating and it helps me through another good day. Report
Tracking is a blessing for me. I have a list of foods that I love, but am limited to enjoy. Because of tracking fat , I can plan for one of these "treats". Today I had a big piece of toasted rye bread with butter. Ate it slow and loved every bite! Report
The most challenging part of the tracker for me is putting new items/recipes on my food favorites list. I tend to try a lot of new recipes -- often doing some sort of makeover - even when on Spark recipes - and often from ones that are not Spark. This has gotten easier over time, but it still a big challenge for me to keep up with. Also, my husband eats stuff I don't -- he's more high protein, low carb and I am more low fat, lower cholesterol. Fortunately, he is getting better at doing more of his own recipes and tracking. Report
Tracking does give more insight into what and why I eat. Thanks! Report
I don't track, I use moderation. Report
Food tracking was the number one reason I joined Spark and the number one reason for my weight loss success. The tracker on this site is excellent. Especially since you can add recipes, even some of your own. Report
Thank you Report
Tracking is important for me because it helps keep me honest with myself. Report
I liked the idea of logging how you feel in the last example, the "more complicated" or comprehensive way. It would take more time for a while but I think I could learn more about why I eat like I do. I really should give it a try. Report
Thanks, Great! Report
Thank you! Report

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